Western Selection (Stall)

Caesar Salad Bar

Rp. 40.000

Crisp Romance Lettuce, Caesar Dressing, Beef Bacon, Parmesan Cheese,  Tomato & Crouton

Salmon En Ccroute

Rp. 65.000

Served with pur Signature Choron & Mushrooms Ssauce

Pasta Station (Penne or Spaghetti)

Rp. 55.000

With Choice of Sauce (Carbonara, Pomodoro, Aglio Olio, and Mushrooms)

Zuppa Mushrooms Cream Soup

Rp. 40.000

Fresh Mushroom Soup with Shredded hicken in Puff Pastry

Beef Wellington

Rp. 65.000

Roast Neef Wwrapped in Puff Pastry with Glazed De Vian

Chicken Cordon Blue

Rp. 45.000

Served with Mushrooms Pepper Sauce or Hot Vegetables and Potato Wedges

Backyard BBQ Short Ribs

Rp. 75.000

Hickory Smoked Australian Beef Short Rib served with Gratin Potato and Vegetables

Breaded Chicken with Parmesan

Rp. 55.000

Mashed Potato, Boiled Vegetables with Mushrooms Sauce

Norwegian Salmon Steak

Rp. 65.000

Grilled Salmon Japanese Style served at Potato Wedges and Vegetables

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