Japanese Selection (Stall)

Japanese Rice Bowl

Rp. 70.000

Rice topped with Unagi Kabayaki, Enoki Beef Roll and Prawn Wasabi with Wasabi Mayonnaise

Salmon Mayoyaki

Rp. 65.000

Salmon served with Mashed Potato

Cold Soba Noodle

Rp. 45.000

With Soya, Scallion, Shimeji Mushrooms , Beef & Sesame Seed

Japanese Gyutan Bowl

Rp. 75.000

Japanese Rice Bowl ,  Shitake Mushrooms, Gyutan Teriyaki, Unagi Kayaki, with Teriyaki Sauce

Ebi Tempura Udon

Rp. 65.000

Udon Noodle in delicate Bonito Broth and Prawan Tempura

Assorted Tempura

Rp. 45.000

Calamari, Prawn, Onion, Sweet Cassava, Eggplant with Wasabi & Soyu

Salmon Mentai

Rp. 45.000

Meat Ball Fish , Beef , Horenso , Napa Cabbage Enoki Mushrooms, Shitake Mushrooms Udon, Ponzu Sauce, Goma Sauce, Lemon Wdeges, Red Chilli Slices, Chopped Garlic, Ginger, Radis, Chicken Broth

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